CH DixiePixie Bowswell’s Ben Catwright (retired)

Carol Brewer told me about Mr. Ben—his dad was a Regional Winner and the BEST Pixie bob Longhair in the NW. She then added she liked Ben BETTER than his dad! My gratitude to Sue Jordan for parting with him.

2004- 2nd Best Pixie bob Longhair in the SE


SGC Pawtrick Swayze

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Pawtrick Swayze GORGEOUS and sweet boy! BEST PIXIEBOB IN THE WORLD 2014-2015! Mom is the beautiful SGC Emmy Lou Hairis.

Butch Catsidy

Young Champion Butch Catsidy trekked here all the way from G Bar G Ranch because he heard there were “some mighty fine girls” here. This sweet boy is a welcome addition! Thanks, Gail.

Buddy Hackcat, Jr.

“Buddy” is a longhaired,  half-brother to Pawtrick Swayze.