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  1. You will be treated kindly and fairly during a pleasant buying experience.
  2. Your phone calls and emails will be answered promptly!
  3. You will receive all paperwork, as promised!     
  4. You will work with a breeder who was directly mentored and befriended by the Founder of the Breed, Carol Ann Brewer and is doing the best to follow in her footsteps (with kindness, love of the Breed, and (past) use of Legend Cats tm for genetic diversity)
  5. Your kitten(s) will exhibit SUPERIOR health due to being fed a natural, RAW MEAT- based, well-supplemented diet (for multiple generations).
  6. Your kitten(s) may (often) fit the Standard pretty closely! Many of the kittens placed as pets are considered to be “Pet/Breeder Quality”.
  7. Your kitten(s) can probably trace their pedigree back to the cats featured on Animal Planet’s Cats 101!
  8. Your follow-up support will be provided by a Pixiebob breeder of 19+ years, who is featured in multiple publications, as well as being a consistent producer of some of TICA’s and WCF’s Best Pixiebobs in the WORLD!