What is the best way to get my kitten?

Fly to pick up?

If you have other things to do in Orlando and want to bring your kitten home, that’s understood. The hurdles to overcome:

Kitten is traveling with nice and loving people who are still ‘strangers’. TSA is ‘interesting’ in that you have to take the kitten out of a small carrier in a crowded airport so that it can be sent thru the machine, while you carry kitty thru another machine. Stressful. I always have my kitty on a harness and leash in case he gets spooked. When on the airplane, it is in a small carrier 9” high which is shoved under the seat with barely enough room to turn around for the duration of the trip. TSA allows only you to bring only about 8 ounces of litter for kitty to use en route. I deliver kitties occasionally. At least I know the ropes and they’re being handled by ‘mama’ J

Drive to pick up?

If you are able to drive to pick up without staying in a hotel, that would be fine. A few years ago, I was attending a show which required staying at a hotel. Sunday morning it was announced that a top show cat had found something in the hotel room and was dead….

Besides that, kitties hate change, generally. I recommend that if picking up kitty and driving, that it essentially be left in a large carrier with a litter box and bed for the duration of the trip, except for supervised time out. Even when folks fly in to pick up kitty, I will get up at o’dark thirty to meet them at the airport to avoid kitty staying overnight in a hotel.

Have cat delivered cargo?

When shipped cargo, I (the mama) put them in a spacious hard carrier. There’s room to stand up, turn around, lay in one corner and use another corner as the toilet. They are zip-tied in until you release them in the comfort of your own home. Depending on the airline, check in is usually done in an office with maybe 3 employees. Simple and relatively peaceful. Direct flights are preferred, of course, unless lay overs are unavoidable.