Folks wonder “how much are they?”

Good question!

All things being equal:

  • Kittens are obviously more than ‘teenagers’ or retiring adults.
  • Boys are generally more than girls. (Higher demand.)
  • Longhairs are more than shorthairs. (Recessive—less than 10% of Pixiebobs have longhair.)
  • Polydactyls are more than non-polydactyls, or “straight foots”, as we call them. (“Polys” are in demand, plus low supply since they account for only about 25% of Pixiebobs produced.)
  • The more ‘bobcatty’ they look, the higher the price. Each Pixiebob is evaluated on how closely it fits the Standard. I have had top show cats over the last 19 years and have a VERY good idea what makes for a good Pixiebob! Even having good lines, it’s very difficult for the “stars to align” and produce a show cat!

SO, you have an idea of what you want in your kitten, (sex, hair, toes) there are many costs incurred for it to be ready to come home. Besides having invested in the parents, there’s lots of FOOD and litter involved. Also, the webmaster must be compensated, as well as advertising for you being able to find me

Additionally, what is INCLUDED: (Add up in your mind what this would cost you at your local vet…)

  • Already spayed or neutered
  • ALL shots up to date
  • Feline Leukemia/Feline AIDS tested negative
  • Fecal tested negative
  • Examined by a veterinarian
  • Health certified and guaranteed in writing
  • Registered in TICA
  • Handwritten 5 generations pedigree (backed by certified pedigrees)
  • Nails trimmed
  • Without cooties 🙂 (fleas, mites, worms)


With Superior health! Due to good husbandry and a homemade raw diet with cutting edge supplementation.


Bottom line: There is nothing left for you to do but feed and love your Pixiebob


As part of the service I provide, I am available for any and all (even so-called ‘dumb’) questions, to provide follow-up and ongoing support for your Pixiebob. I’ve been a Pixiebob breeder for over 19 years. I may save you a trip to the vet, or urge you to go.