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Hi! :-D Thanks for stopping by! You've found the 'home' of the Pixiebobs featured on ANIMAL PLANET'S CATS 101!! Just in case you haven't found out yet, Pixie bobs are a domestic breed of cat bred to resemble the bobcat. No captive bobcats are used in my breeding program. Although my cats may LOOK wild, they are DNA tested/cleared negative for wild blood.

I hope you're able to find what you're looking for. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know, ok? Here's a little about me and my philosophies.
My Beginnings
I've always liked cats, but Pixiebobs are above and beyond the BEST :) Besides liking their rugged, wild look, I was enamored with "The Legend" of a bobcat mating with a barn cat.... My breeding years started when my boyfriend's Sheltie had puppies. After we were married, I bred Shelties for about 8 years. But, oddly enough, my CATS were the ones that had really brought us together! He had agreed to keep my kitties for awhile, when I didn't have a place for them. Of course I had to go check on them... ;-) My favorite husband was also the one who suggested I breed "those cat's your aunt's sister breeds". Little did he realize the journey that ensued....

My Journey
Cat breeding is not something to be ventured into lightly as it's a big commitment of time, love and energy. Life has not been the same ever since! I was fortunate and blessed to have the Breed's Founder, Carol Ann Brewer as my friend and mentor. Carol was available for dumb questions and even "middle-of-the-night-what-do-I-do" phone calls. I would not be here without her!!! My husband should be elevated to sainthood.... I've made some wonderful friends along the way, some of whom are also Pixiebob Breeders. My husband, our 2 kids and granddaughter are honored members of the Socialization Committee :)

Carol passed away peacefully Sunday morning June 5, 2011. Carol touched many lives with her beloved Breed, the
Pixiebobs. But most of all, she touched the lives of those of us who were blessed to know her as a Friend. Her kindness,
generosity and love of God was endless. We will deeply miss her and she will always be in our hearts.
We can just imagine her face when she's reunited with Pixie in heaven :o)
F.T.L.O.C. (For the love of Carol)
Until we meet again, dear friend....

Along the way...Pixie Bob Kittens
My Pixiebobs and I have been featured in magazines, as well as on TV!
Cat Fancy January 2014 issue.
November 2004 and October 2011.
PetWorld--Asia's Only magazine for All Animal Lovers Vol. 8 Issue 6
Cats & Kittens featured my cats on the front page! ANIMAL PLANET asked me (and CH. Living Legend Sioux Purrincess) to come to NYC for filming!! What a trip!! THEN they came to my home to film some of my other cats and kittens, along with my kids and granddaughter. I don't think it gets much better than that!!

Pixiebobs are accepted in TICA, as well as ACFA.

I adhere to the guidelines set forth in TICA's Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program.
I plan my litters very carefully, taking into consideration pedigrees, ancestors, physical attributes/deficiencies and timing. The goal is to have them fit the Standard as closely as possible and to be born at the best time for socialization and individual care. TICA's Standard is slightly different than ACFA's Standard. They are raised in my home with kids and toys and noise . They are underfoot and sleeping in our beds when I'm assured they know how to use a litter box. This makes it an easier transition when you take your cat/kitten home. Since many people already have other cats and dogs, here are some guidelines for introducing a new pet.
Watch short videos of the antics of Living Legend Pixiebobs' "Edward Scissorpaws" (Eddie and his sister Emma) on youtube!

People often ask me about'Pixiebobs and dogs', or 'Pixiebobs and water', or 'Pixiebobs and camping'...

The items listed in my contract mirrors the Florida Pet Lemon Law, as well as addressing declawing and a raw diet supplementation. I heartily recommend NuVet Plus cutting edge supplement in addition to whatever diet you feed. I have had enough success with my raw meat mix so I'm unable to recommend any kibble with much enthusiasm. However, these premium dry food brands are better than many.

When placed as pets, they come spayed/neutered, vet checked, fecal and Feline Leukemia tested, health certified and guaranteed, and they've had most, if not all of their vaccinations. Being altered so early, the kittens rebound very quickly AND the risk of 'marking' is practically nil. Usually by the time they go to their new homes, they're about 14 weeks old. Some folks think that "8 weeks" is the ideal age--not so with Pixiebobs, who are slower to mature. By the way, all of my stock has been DNA parentage/wild-blood tested and/or cleared, assuring that all of my stock is who they're supposed to be. BEWARE the Breeder who refuses to test! - Cat breeders largest cat breeder directory listing cat breeds, kittens for sale and cats for sale.


I really enjoy showing my cats and will go to as many shows as my family life affords me. Since I began breeding Pixiebobs in 2000, I've had some of the Best Pixiebobs in the Southeast every year.

Thanks to the help of Danielle Johns of Swampkatz:
1)  Living Legend Pawtrick Swayze achieved Supreme Grand Champion, BEST Pixiebob in the SE, 7th Best Cat in the SE, 6th Best Shorthair Cat in the SE, and BEST PIXIEBOB IN THE WORLD 2014.

2) Living Legend Purrlock Holmes achieved Best Pixiebob Kitten in the SE, 7th Best Kitten in the SE, 3rd Best Shorthair Kitten in the SE, Champion and BEST PIXIEBOB KITTEN IN THE WORLD 2014.
(attach this link to Swayze's and Purrlock's name):

3) Living Legend Emmy Lou Hairis achieved Supreme Grand Champion, BEST Pixiebob Longhair in the SE, 25th Best Cat in the SE, 12th Best Longhair Cat in the SE, and BEST PIXIEBOB LONGHAIR IN THE WORLD 2014.

Living Legend Pixiebobs, TICA's Outstanding Cattery!!!!